The “PULL” Keynote

Working with the demands of America’s Fortune 500 brands, Keith developed a process of creating selling propositions that are so accurately targeted to consumers that they automatically trigger the consumer to make the purchase decision. That kind of marketing until now has been exclusive to corporate America. Knowing his process was also perfect for entrepreneurs, Keith wrote his critically acclaimed book Pull: Marketing Secrets The Fortune 100 Use.

More recently, in keeping with the spirit of the book, Keith has created the Pull Keynote, where he shares exactly how he develops the eight elements of your brand’s sales message. Your sales message is your pitch, and it’s made up of the words and graphics your customer sees. It may be exposed on a website, a storefront, a brochure, a billboard, a consumer package, or any other point where consumers encounter your brand’s message. In the Pull Keynote, attendees rethink their critical sales message directly with Keith, and the reward is more conversions. It is high-profile, new-age marketing at its very best, and the attendees will love it.

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