Dave Friedman

Coach Dave 4 You

Free Motivational Speaker in Los Angeles & Orange County

  • Uncovering that Best Version of Yourself

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Motivational

    Dave has created a 4-Step Process to guide individuals to identify and bring out this most authentic and best version of themselves. When we convoker our inner wisdom and live as our best self, life is easier not only for us, but for everyone and everything we are involved with.

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  • Increasing Personal and Professional Effectiveness with Energy Leadership

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self Improvement

    * Have you ever been turned off by a lack of direction, bad communication, apathetic attitudes, and low energy that leads to underperforming teams?
    * Did you know, many people who find themselves in leadership positions, don't know how to be effective leaders? MORE >

    Inspirational and eye-opening, Coach Dave shows Energy Leadership positively affects the lives of the participants.

    Learning Points
    Ø Understand how different levels of energy impact teamwork.
    Ø Use Energy Leadership for better understanding & better communication Ø Positively affect every situation you’re part of at work, home, and play

    This talk is ideal for business professionals and leaders of all types who want to increase their impact in the workplace and the world in a way that feels aligned with their core values.

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