How it works if you’re a program chair for an organization connects dynamic speakers with the program needs of local organizations in the Los Angeles / Orange County area – all for FREE. Requesting a speaker on our website is free and our speakers present for free. is divided into two distinct navigation channels – Topics and Speakers. Within the Topics and Speakers navigation channel there are eight separate categories to help narrow your search.

  • Step 1 – Find a Speaker / Topic
    Browse the list of topics or speakers available. You can browse through one of eight categories or view all the topics at once.
  • Step 2 – Make a Request
    When you find a topic of interest, click the orange “Request This Free Speech” button. Next you’ll fill out the contact form. When you click submit, your contact information will be sent to the speaker. (Insider Tip: will remember your contact info with a cookie, so you shouldn’t need to fill out the required form fields every time you request a topic.)
  • Step 3 – Then What Happens
    The Speaker will contact you within a few business days to discuss the speaking opportunity. Tell the speaker about your group and its program needs. Go over dates, times and directions to the location of the talk. Be certain to exchange phone numbers.

More helpful info:

Remember, most speakers have numerous talks, so describe your group. Many times the speaker can tailor his or her talk to your group’s needs.

It is a firm policy of Free Speakers that the speaker contacts you within a week. Even if the speaker must decline, he or she will contact you.

We can’t tell you what good things have come of for all of us – business contacts, new friends, a chance to give…

How it works if you’re a speaker

After you join and fill out your bio and topics, sit back and relax. As soon as you are requested by a group, we’ll contact you via email. The email will state the group name, the group’s contact person and his or her email and/or phone number.

Whether you want the talk or not, contact the person right away (no later than three business days). If the group is a good match and you want the talk, set a date right away. Discuss the length of the talk, the time, and directions to the group’s meeting place. Email your bio to the contact person, and remember to exchange phone numbers.

If you don’t want to take the talk, call the contact person right away (no later than three business days) and politely decline. That call is a must and one of the few rules/guidelines at

You do not need to inform that you declined (or accepted, for that matter…)

For more information about joining our bureau as a speaker visit our membership page.