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  • Reaching Your First $1 Million

    Theresa Cornwell, Founder & CEO, The Millionaire Keys

    Whether you're a young professional realizing financial success starts now, or you're a college student trying to get ahead financially, you'll learn the proven process and powerful mindset to reaching your first $1 Million (and beyond).

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  • Focus to Flourish Your Fabulous Financial Future

    Rita Boccuzzi, CEO, Flourish Inc

    How many of us wished our parents taught us about money? Taking the steps to increase your confidence leads you to making smarter money decisions with ease. Gaining clarity on the purpose of your money goals and utilize empowering strategies to close those money gaps. All while reducing worry & angst around money and building an abundant money mindset to elevate your financial success. Making your money work for you VS. you working fro your money! MORE >

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  • Help! My Kids are Terrible with Money!

    Theresa Cornwell, Founder & CEO, The Millionaire Keys

    Why are 20-somethings usually so unconcerned about building their future? And more importantly, how can you help your beloved child (or grandchild) realize that starting now is the best way for them to get ahead financially? Learn the answers to these questions, as well as the proven process and powerful mindset to get the young adults in your life on track to hit their first $1 Million (and beyond).
    MORE >

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  • Build Wealth with a Common Sense Approach to Personal Financial Management

    Vic Clement, Principal, Financial Essentials 4 Life

    Building wealth eludes many people, but for the wrong reason. Too often, the basic lessons to successful personal financial management have not been taught or, worse, are learned by making mistakes in the school of hard knocks. Unfortunately, many are led to believe financial success requires sophistication. But the good news is all it takes is the right kind of common sense. MORE >

    This fast-paced, entertaining, 2-hour topic puts critical information into a useful, every day context that everyone, regardless of financial status, can benefit from and use to take control of their financial destiny. The discussion covers practical ways to understand and implement strategies and techniques for budgeting, spending, saving, investing, insurance, retirement planning, and more.
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  • Will Technology Kill Your Commoditized Practice?

    Vic Clement, Principal, Financial Essentials 4 Life

    Technologies such as block chain and artificial intelligence are beginning to intrude on the delivery of commoditized professional services. Although the technologies have been around for some time, we're just beginning to see the tip of the accelerated commoditization iceberg. MORE >

    It's difficult for many professionals to imagine, but just as robotics replaced humans in low level manufacturing tasks, artificial intelligence and machine learning will replace humans in low level, high commodity, information-based tasks. It's only a matter of time, and that timeline is shrinking. The most readily visible examples are tax returns, insurance, medical diagnoses and prescriptions, investments, and others.

    Vic Clement discusses methods of redefining your role and transforming your practice to decommoditize and compete at a level that information technology can't reach - the human level. Taking a deep dive into the modern psyche, Vic shares his experience and lessons learned from transforming his own practice and, thereby, improved his client's lives and, more importantly, his own life by building his practice around his own aspirations.

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  • How to Build Wealth with Real Estate

    Kurtis Kooiman, Real Estate Wealth Advisor & Certified Financial Coach, First Team Real Estate

    Attendees will leave this talk having clarity on how real estate can be the most important tool in your toolbox when it comes to building wealth. According to the Social Security Administration, 94% of Baby-boomers, the ones who for the most part taught us how to manage our money, are not prepared for retirement. It's not their fault. They were taught by their parents who went through The Great Depression. MORE >

    This was avoidable! This can be fixed! If you are a Baby-boomer, the time to act is now. It's not too late! If you are not a Baby-boomer and want to avoid becoming one of the 94% of your generation, this talk will teach and inspire you to think and act differently. If you want live your life different, you must act different, you must be different and you must have a plan built for success, not failure. It's time to teach the next generation how to act and think like millionaires, not paycheck to paycheck employees. This talk will be your first and most important step to becoming different.

    In this presentation, you will learn:

    • How to use your largest asset, real estate, as a tool to build long term wealth and financial freedom
    • Maximizing the right mortgage strategies in today's market
    • Components of a sound financial strategy
    • Real Estate - Buy, sell, or hold? We will talk about which one makes the most sense in today's market
    • Do you have what it takes to build wealth using real estate or should you stay on the sidelines?

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  • A Treacherous Journey: Investment Concerns in a Fragile Market

    Scott Glenn Eichler, Chief Investment Officer, Newport Wealth Advisors

    Scott Eichler is a well-known financial advisor in Southern California. His educational workshops have been widely attended by hundreds of retirees and pre-retirees throughout LA, Orange, and San Diego Counties. His book, Don't Play Chicken with Your Nest Egg, achieved best-seller status on Amazon. Scott has developed a specialty in helping people realize their dream of financial independence through formula-based investment planning. MORE >

    Scott is a Southern California native, and attended Vanguard University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Rhetoric. He holds series 7, 65, Life & Health, and Variable Annuity licenses. Scott is a 29-year member of Coast Bible Church where he is the head of Men’s Ministries and the Audio/Video team. Scott currently resides in Mission Viejo, CA with his family.
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  • A Holistic Approach to Mind Over Money

    Rita Boccuzzi, CEO, Flourish Inc

    Getting Your Money Beliefs Aligned is the pathway to Redesign Your Relationship with Money. As you transform your money conversations and learn to Recognize Your Money Stories you create a positive mindshift around your money. Explore expanding your financial knowledge to "FOCUS" on Your Fabulous Financial Future to get you to the SWAN (Sleep Well At Night) plans you always dreamed of. All while Transforming Right Where YOU Are Right Now to gain the financial success you dream of. MORE >

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