Sarah Mirkin, RD

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  • The Healthiest way to Lose Weight Permanently / Diets Don’t Work

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Health & Fitness

    People think that they need to follow a strict, deprivation diet and exercise excessively to lose weight. This will almost always backfire and result in weight gain. Today I’d like to talk to you about my practical approach to healthy, long term, weight loss.

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  • Weight Loss Tips For Women Over 40

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Health & Fitness

    Most women tend to gain weight as we age. This is for several reasons. First, until we are age 20 are bodies are building muscle. After age 20 it stops. We need to build of maintain our muscle mass through exercise and diet. This is to maintain a healthy weight and metabolism. MORE >

    Next, woman over 40 who went to lose weight will frequently over exercise and underrated! I see this mistake so often and it backfires every time. Your body perceives this as 2 major stressors on the body and your metabolism slows down to preserve body fat.

    The key is listening to your body. Eat when you’re hungry not “starved”, and stop when you are satisfied, not “stuffed”. Try to include small frequent meals, that are high in protein and vegetables with a small amount of healthy fat, to fuel your body evenly throughout the day. Carbohydrates can be eaten in small portions as long as the meal is also high in protein.

    Try to include strengthening exercises at least 3 times a week, and regular exercise 20-60 minutes per day. Be a body in motion! Move whenever you can!

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