Scott Bailey

President, Sandler Training by Bailey Marketing Concepts

Free Business Speaker in Los Angeles & Orange County

  • Can Asking Questions be the Answer

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Most of started our training on how to answer questions since the time we learned to talk. Unfortunately, answering too many questions for sales people and trusted advisors can lead to a syndrome Sandler Training calls “Unpaid Consulting”. Scott will lead the group with some of the techniques he teaches to uncover the real question buyers and prospects want to ask. This session is provocative and fun and you will learn techniques and concepts that will not only work in sales and business development, but in many life situations as well. MORE >

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  • The Attitudes, Behaviors and Techniques of a Successful Salesperson

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Most amateur salespeople turn to one-day “quick-fixes” for their professional training. They prefer seminars to long-term personal growth commitments because they get a quick rush of adrenalin. Professional salespeople know that real change takes a long-term view and engagement over time, never overnight. MORE >

    Scott will demonstrate that only a balanced approach to personal growth much involve three key areas:

    Attitude: what we think and believe.
    Behavior: what we do and how we act.
    Technique: how we do what we do.

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