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  • A Holistic Approach to Mind Over Money

    Rita Boccuzzi, CEO, Flourish Inc

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Financial

    Getting Your Money Beliefs Aligned is the pathway to Redesign Your Relationship with Money. As you transform your money conversations and learn to Recognize Your Money Stories you create a positive mindshift around your money. Explore expanding your financial knowledge to "FOCUS" on Your Fabulous Financial Future to get you to the SWAN (Sleep Well At Night) plans you always dreamed of. All while Transforming Right Where YOU Are Right Now to gain the financial success you dream of. MORE >

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  • A Treacherous Journey: Investment Concerns in a Fragile Market

    Scott Glenn Eichler, Chief Investment Officer, Newport Wealth Advisors

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Financial

    Scott Eichler is a well-known financial advisor in Southern California. His educational workshops have been widely attended by hundreds of retirees and pre-retirees throughout LA, Orange, and San Diego Counties. His book, Don't Play Chicken with Your Nest Egg, achieved best-seller status on Amazon. Scott has developed a specialty in helping people realize their dream of financial independence through formula-based investment planning. MORE >

    Scott is a Southern California native, and attended Vanguard University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Rhetoric. He holds series 7, 65, Life & Health, and Variable Annuity licenses. Scott is a 29-year member of Coast Bible Church where he is the head of Men’s Ministries and the Audio/Video team. Scott currently resides in Mission Viejo, CA with his family.
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  • Active Listening, The Key to Successful Relationships

    Shara Prophet, C. Ht., The Mind Magic Coach, Open Door Hypnosis

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self Improvement

    We live in an age where everyone has something to say and each of us hears something different. How often do we just listen? Active Listening is an art form that truly connects us with others. Learning the different ways, we take in and processes information enhances our Active Listening skills and helps us better receive and comprehend what is being said while holding space for another person as they share their thoughts and feelings. MORE >

    Honing and practicing Active Listening can improve your relationships across the board from family, spouse, and friends to associates, and colleagues.
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  • Be The Bubble

    Bradley Silbrman, Bradley Dean

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self Improvement

    To Be The Bubble - a powerful toolkit that literally transforms your life. Brad’s hard-won life lessons are carefully distilled into talks, workshops, books, and courses. Experience a mind-shift or altered state of alignment by: Acknowledging what you have been through, why you are here and how to break free. Using your hardhsips / mistakes / failures and what what you are holding onto. Activate your individual unique light, and live your best life with complete happiness and success. MORE >

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  • Breaking Free from an Overcrowded Mind

    Gretchen Hydo, Master Certified Coach, Gretchen Hydo International

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Today more than ever, professionals suffer from an overcrowded mind and struggle to focus on the present. This impacts their ability to be productive, satisfied, and on point. The feeling of overwhelm and being pulled in too many directions has become a way of life. The objective of this talk is to help participants discover why their mind is overcrowded while giving them tools to regain control of it so that they can be more efficient and present in the workplace and at home.
    MORE >

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  • Build Wealth with a Common Sense Approach to Personal Financial Management

    Vic Clement, Principal, Financial Essentials 4 Life

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Financial

    Building wealth eludes many people, but for the wrong reason. Too often, the basic lessons to successful personal financial management have not been taught or, worse, are learned by making mistakes in the school of hard knocks. Unfortunately, many are led to believe financial success requires sophistication. But the good news is all it takes is the right kind of common sense. MORE >

    This fast-paced, entertaining, 2-hour topic puts critical information into a useful, every day context that everyone, regardless of financial status, can benefit from and use to take control of their financial destiny. The discussion covers practical ways to understand and implement strategies and techniques for budgeting, spending, saving, investing, insurance, retirement planning, and more.
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  • Business Development Without The Pressure: Winning Tactics to Triple Your Profits

    Carrie Lauby, President, BOOST Performance Sandler Los Angeles

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    In this session, you’ll learn the proper systems and behaviors to identify, qualify, and develop new business opportunities. You’ll develop a stress-free strategy for new business development that can be immediately implemented for any profession. MORE >

    If you're like most people, you may be:
    - Stressed out over finding new business and avoiding cold and warm calls
    - Concerned about constantly feeding the funnel with new opportunities
    - Worried about flat sales or shrinking market share

    Participants will learn:
    - Effective prospecting tactics: 7 areas to a wider pipeline
    - How to engage people (gatekeepers and decision makers) in a natural and meaningful way
    - A structure for a no-pressure call that sets more appointments
    - How to ensure that prospecting behavior will bring more results

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  • Can Asking Questions be the Answer

    Scott Bailey, President, Sandler Training by Bailey Marketing Concepts

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Most of started our training on how to answer questions since the time we learned to talk. Unfortunately, answering too many questions for sales people and trusted advisors can lead to a syndrome Sandler Training calls “Unpaid Consulting”. Scott will lead the group with some of the techniques he teaches to uncover the real question buyers and prospects want to ask. This session is provocative and fun and you will learn techniques and concepts that will not only work in sales and business development, but in many life situations as well. MORE >

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  • Creating a Dramatic Truth That Resonates With Audiences

    Bill Johnson, Bill Johnson Script Consulting

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Educational

    The underlying dynamic of a story is that it creates a quality of movement that transports an audience toward the fulfillment of a story’s promise; that because a story’s promise arises from an issue of human need being resolved and fulfilled, a story’s audience is led to feel invested in a story’s outcome. Characters in a story ring true because they have a role to play in fulfilling a story’s promise. MORE >

    When a story character embodies a dramatic truth, that character feels compelled to resolve a particular issue of human need. So a character who embodies a dramatic truth suggests to a story’s audience a sense of purpose. A character who fails to embody a dramatic truth risks coming across as a collection of details.
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  • Creating A Winning Sales Team – Finding Superstars

    Carrie Lauby, President, BOOST Performance Sandler Los Angeles

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    This session is for business owners, presidents, management executives and sales leadership. MORE >

    In this session we’ll look at the different kinds of salespeople that are needed for phases of company development, products/services, sales cycles and markets. This will cover qualifying candidates and identifying gems within the company that are ready to move into a higher role.

    - Willing vs Able
    - Need Creation vs Demand Fulfillment
    - Evangelists vs Producers

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