Will Technology Kill Your Commoditized Practice?

Technologies such as block chain and artificial intelligence are beginning to intrude on the delivery of commoditized professional services. Although the technologies have been around for some time, we’re just beginning to see the tip of the accelerated commoditization iceberg.

It’s difficult for many professionals to imagine, but just as robotics replaced humans in low level manufacturing tasks, artificial intelligence and machine learning will replace humans in low level, high commodity, information-based tasks. It’s only a matter of time, and that timeline is shrinking. The most readily visible examples are tax returns, insurance, medical diagnoses and prescriptions, investments, and others.

Vic Clement discusses methods of redefining your role and transforming your practice to decommoditize and compete at a level that information technology can’t reach – the human level. Taking a deep dive into the modern psyche, Vic shares his experience and lessons learned from transforming his own practice and, thereby, improved his client’s lives and, more importantly, his own life by building his practice around his own aspirations.

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