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  • Un-Binary Your Mind: Breaking Free From Internalized Heteronormativity and Binary Gender Norms

    Alex Ray, The Queer Confidence Coach, Coach Alex Ray

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self Improvement

    A thought-provoking, interactive workshop exploring the concepts of Internalized Heteronormativity and Binary Gender Norms. Alex will guide your group into discovering how these have had impacts on both their personal and work life. Designed for LGBTQIA+ groups and allies. MORE >

    We’ll find your group’s personal and collective goals for adjustment. And create personal and group strategies to meet those goals. Most importantly, you'll discover strategies to break free from these limitations, fostering a greater sense of self-acceptance, empowerment, and authenticity.

    Whether you identify as LGBTQIA+ or are an ally seeking to deepen your understanding, this workshop is a unique opportunity to connect, learn, and grow together.

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  • A Holistic Approach to Mind Over Money

    Rita Boccuzzi, CEO, Flourish Inc

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Financial

    Getting Your Money Beliefs Aligned is the pathway to Redesign Your Relationship with Money. As you transform your money conversations and learn to Recognize Your Money Stories you create a positive mindshift around your money. Explore expanding your financial knowledge to "FOCUS" on Your Fabulous Financial Future to get you to the SWAN (Sleep Well At Night) plans you always dreamed of. All while Transforming Right Where YOU Are Right Now to gain the financial success you dream of. MORE >

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  • Empathy Echoes: The Leadership Love Language

    Susana Cabrera, Founder / CEO, SC Growth Advisor

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Motivational

    This presentation delves into the importance of empathy in effective leadership. I'll discuss how empathetic leadership fosters trust, improves team cohesion, and enhances organizational outcomes. Attendees will learn practical ways to incorporate empathy into their leadership style, thereby building deeper connections and a more engaged and productive workforce.

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  • Maximize your day: The tools and neuroscience of high-performance business and flow

    Chris M. King, Owner/Founder, Status Flow

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    Imagine getting five days of work done in ONE DAY! High-Performance Executive Coach & Motivational Speaker Chris M. King doesn't just provide high-performance business tools. He teaches you about the neuroscience behind them so that you can not only use those tools but also create authentic tools of your own to get and stay in "the zone" and increase productivity and efficiency, and alleviate overwhelm and burnout. Go from the status quo to Status Flow! MORE >

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  • Why The Entrepreneur Brain Craves Simple Habits

    Jesse Mogle, NLP Trainer, Podcaster, All The Way Up

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    In this talk you will learn how to uncover your mind’s “flow” state, grow businesses through strategic rest, completely eliminate drama and burnout, and destroy the work/life balance myth. Learn how to create more time, get more done, and make more money.

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  • Suitcase of Happyness: How to Achieve and Enjoy Your Happiest Life

    Mark Jaffe, President, Strategic Growth Consulting

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Self Improvement

    Think about it – you’ve worked hard, you’ve had great results, you have people who love you, you’re a good person. Yet it feels like something is missing. What would it be like to just be happy and feel good all the time? MORE >

    In this presentation, you will hear about a new approach to truly achieve and enjoy your happiest life. “Happyness” is a new way to feel. A new way to live. A state of being that lasts and endures.

    It doesn’t matter how old you are or how much money you have. Happyness is possible even if your obstacles are all in your mind. Or you feel them in your body.

    There are real, simple and practical ways to be happier. They are easy to do. They work. They can be yours.

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  • Will Technology Kill Your Commoditized Practice?

    Vic Clement, Principal, Financial Essentials 4 Life

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Financial

    Technologies such as block chain and artificial intelligence are beginning to intrude on the delivery of commoditized professional services. Although the technologies have been around for some time, we're just beginning to see the tip of the accelerated commoditization iceberg. MORE >

    It's difficult for many professionals to imagine, but just as robotics replaced humans in low level manufacturing tasks, artificial intelligence and machine learning will replace humans in low level, high commodity, information-based tasks. It's only a matter of time, and that timeline is shrinking. The most readily visible examples are tax returns, insurance, medical diagnoses and prescriptions, investments, and others.

    Vic Clement discusses methods of redefining your role and transforming your practice to decommoditize and compete at a level that information technology can't reach - the human level. Taking a deep dive into the modern psyche, Vic shares his experience and lessons learned from transforming his own practice and, thereby, improved his client's lives and, more importantly, his own life by building his practice around his own aspirations.

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  • From Concept to Cosmos: A Journey through Project Management Principles and NASA’s Best Practices

    David Lehman, Project Manager, Retired from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Educational

    In this presentation Mr. Lehman will summarize the basic principles of project management. This will be followed by a summary of NASA’s process for managing space projects throughout the life cycle, including formulation which consists of Phase A (concept & technology development) and Phase B (preliminary design and technology completion phase), approval for implementation, and implementation which includes Phase C (final design & fabrication), Phase D (system assembly, integration & test, launch & checkout), and Phase E (operations and sustainment). He will address how NASA forms teams including the importance of key roles such as Project Manager, Project Systems Engineer (PSE), Safety & Mission Assurance Manager, and System Managers. He will then address the role of systems engineering in project management and the process of how PSEs mature their systems-level preliminary designs, and then address the expected maturity state of projects as they progress through the life cycle. Finally, Mr. Lehman will present three case studies in project management: the Deep Space 1 mission, the Mars Climate Orbiter failure lessons learned, and the last mission of the Space Shuttle Challenger. MORE >

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  • Creating A Winning Sales Team – Finding Superstars

    Carrie Lauby, President, BOOST Performance Sandler Los Angeles

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Business

    This session is for business owners, presidents, management executives and sales leadership. MORE >

    In this session we’ll look at the different kinds of salespeople that are needed for phases of company development, products/services, sales cycles and markets. This will cover qualifying candidates and identifying gems within the company that are ready to move into a higher role.

    - Willing vs Able
    - Need Creation vs Demand Fulfillment
    - Evangelists vs Producers

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  • How to Read a Book

    Jose Angel Manaiza Jr, Mathematician, Malibu Education

    TOPIC CATEGORY: Educational

    Learn the 5 step process to read a book with 100% comprehension rate. A proven system taught in The White House and endorsed by 3 U.S. President. “Before taking my first Malibu A Plus Tutor Premier Speed Reading class, I was reading one book a month. Two hours into the first session my reading speed doubled from 308 to 687 words per minute with a 100% comprehension rate. It only took me 58 minutes to read an entire book from cover to cover, and I still remember what the book is all about. Thanks, José" - Vivian Sampson, Budget Analyst at USC MORE >

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